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  • NEW PRODUCT: “Backlit” is Taking Over Trade Shows, Here’s Why.

    April 23, 2018

    Featherlite Radiant Portable Backlit Display

    Radiant Portable Backlit Display

    Radiant Portable Backlit Display

    At a trade show, in a sea of competitors, backlit wins the eye, the attention and the impression of the passing trade show visitor. We have a backlit display that we absolutely love!

    Featherlite’s Radiant portable backlit system will simply dominate, outshine and out-impress any traditional exhibits unlucky enough to be on either side of you.

    Radiant’s Soft-Source Lighting™ is the soft punch that knocks you out.

    • Radiant’s internal LED backlighting makes your panels glow.
    • When a panel is the light source, the eye automatically goes to it.
    • Backlighting makes your impression panels more striking.
    • Backlighting encourages instant engagement at an emotional level.
    • They give you an edge. Show-stoppers become startle points .
    • Backlit elements help you integrate text with more engagement.
    • Externally lit or unlit panels do not engage in the same way.

    Radiant’s Dynamic Canvas System™ give you options.

    • Multiple planes are key to leading the eye across each element.
    • Component separation lets you balance impression and information.
    • 3D elements help soften text-heavy content.
    • Choreograph more interesting and engaging journeys for your audience.

    Radiant’s Framing elements turn your exhibit into a gallery.

    • Everything looks like a set piece within your setting.
    • Your days of looking like art on a fridge are over.

    Radiant is a complete solution: it has just about every feature you might need or want to be the best in your industry at the show.

    Click on the video below and see more of why Radiant Portable Backlit Displays made it onto our Best Of Trade Show list for 2018. Call us at 204-943-7551 or email info@dimensiondisplay.ca to come by our showroom and learn more about the future of trade show exhibits!

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  • Dimension Display Enters a New Dimension

    April 23, 2018

    Over the course of 30 years a lot can happen. After all that’s almost 11,000 days.

    In 1988 Len Greisman founded Dimension Display from the remnants of Eclipse 3, a full-service Exchange District based marketing agency. With an anchor firmly set in Winnipeg’s downtown Greisman built an industry leader that functioned as a full service trade show exhibit provider, a marketing agency, display signage source and an engaged success partner to many clients.

    Over the past 3 decades many important milestones were met but no announcement has been as big as this one. Len is excited to let you know that his succession plan was realized this past September when Dimension Display acquired a dynamic new owner and president, Rick Kemp.

    Len Greisman (left), Graeme Nelson (Featherlite Exhibits), Rick Kemp (right)

    Len will remain in an advisory capacity but now gets to focus on his true passion – connecting with clients and providing them with the best products and service available in Western Canada.

    “My love of trade shows has not waned in 30 years.” said Len. “I wanted Dimension Display to grow and offer more to our clients. Rick is a great partner – his vision, energy and experience is transforming us and I am really excited to see where he takes things next.”

    Rick is a social media savvy, database driven B2B specialist with years of sales & marketing experience and a vision for the future. His resumé includes tourism marketing, event planning, consulting, teaching and strategic planning. He was looking for a company with a solid foundation in a strong industry and found it in Dimension Display.

    “I’ve worked with many companies & organizations over the years to help them thrive. I wanted a place where my experience in marketing, communications, sales and strategic planning could make a difference and I could build something of my own. When I met Len I realized it was an amazing fit and I didn’t have to start from scratch.”

    Rick has already started to expand our product offerings and will be bringing to market in the coming months a tailored line of products that responds to a currently under-serviced niche market. He has already brought in specialist colleagues for key initiatives and is proud to continue on with the long-standing relationships Len has developed with suppliers like Featherlite Exhibits (pictured). Rick has plans to continue to build on the Dimension legacy.

    In February, Rick and Len attended the ExhibitorLive Show in Las Vegas where new products and trade show technology bursts onto the scene. They came back energized after seeing the potential for growth and expanded products and services.

    “The trade show industry is built around creativity, connectivity, hardware, technology, community and people. We’ve seen some sensational new things that we’ll be introducing to the Central Canadian market. We are very excited to bring an innovative level of product and service to our loyal (and new) clients.”

    For three decades, Len carried the torch and became one of the most experienced trade show professionals in Canada. Clients know that if trade shows are part of your marketing mix you can rely on Dimension Display for a full range of trade show, premises and marketing solutions.

    Call or reconnect with Dimension Display today at info@dimensiondisplay.ca! We invite you to come by our showroom to see spectacular new products and talk about how we can work together to help you achieve success.

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